Customer Love

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for squeezing Christine and I in for dinner on NYE. The meal was exceptional, we made good friends with the people next to us, and you and Nancy ALWAYS make us feel great! We've been telling everyone we know how fantastic Scorpion is and everyone who has gone there loves it too. Thank you again for making every visit a memorable one." – Mike Roine

"You gave one of the most pickiest eaters "A Fantastic Meal"
that he will rave about. Thank you! New customers for life." –  Niki & Ben

"The BEST risotto I've ever had. My wife and I went to Scorpion for our anniversary. What an excellent choice! Nancy was warm and friendly, really helpful with making menu choices. Marcello's cooking was fresh and filled with flavour explosions. We had the grilled Greek Saganaki, crispy bread, butternut squash ravioli and the wild mushroom risotto (a MUST try) and the signature Dolce De Leche-coconut carrot-lemon cake. Mmmmmm!" – Len Basso

"It's rare that you go to a restaurant and have everything you order delivered to your table cooked to perfection and tasting so delectable & mouthwatering, cooked in front of you by a Celebrity Chef. The entertainment was live Flamenco Music and it was sold out by the end of the hour. Combine this meal with an efficient and humorous waiter and you have what we feel is the best restaurant in the Aurora, if not North Toronto, Area."

"Amazing find.  I have sampled their fantastic menu, and Marcello and Nancy are amazing community supporters.  I work in not-for-profit and can always count on them to make my events classy and healthy!  Marcello has even shared some of his cooking tricks and secrets with me in his cooking class.  I love Scorpion (Fine Foods)!" – Linda White

"A friend of mine recommended your restaurant. I go to many restaurants and I absolutely loved your place. The food was exceptional and I could taste the passion that you have for your food. I will be back and I will be telling all my friends." – Kent Dinning

"Chef Marcello, Just a sweet thank you for a wonderful evening filled with a great passion for food, great company, great learning and lots and lots of fun. Thank you for all your gifts. I have heard from many of the women that they had a wonderful time. Please let your wife Nancy and your assistant how great they are. Ciao Bello." –Rosemarie

"Chef Marcello - you had a tough gang to please, but you did it beautifully and plentifully! The appetizers not only looked like little works of art - they were delicious. The pasta was also so tasty, the chicken (their size!) was very moist - and who knew mashed potatoes could be sooo flavourful!  Everyone had compliments and were stuffed! Thank you for your talented work and making Vito's 40th birthday very memorable!" –Sabrina


Restaurant Review Scorpion Mediterranean Bar & Grill 

“Expect An Experience”

A new, tantalizing culinary experience has arrived to Aurora! Internationally renowned chef de cuisine and owner, Marcello Anastasi, has brought his incredibly delectable creations to our community through his new masterly designed concept. Scorpion offers a variety of amazing  menus selections, from the Old Word, cooking classes by Master Chef Marcello, custom catering menus based on personal needs, and much more.

Chef Marcello is an award-winning Executive Chef that brings his Spanish and Italian upbringing to the expertise of his culinary offerings. This leading chef in Canada has landed in Aurora to share his delicious creations with our community. His focus is to combine spices and seeds to create truly unique flavours most commonly roasting his favourite dishes.

Scorpion offers different menu options based on market trends & seasonal ingredients. Menu items can be viewed online at Each menu item is specially crafted by Marcello to tantalize your taste buds when you unravel each creation. If you are looking for a healthy, gourmet selection to entertain guests or indulge in a chef’s creation in the privacy of your own home, Chef Marcello is ready to serve. Marcello will customize your menu based on your personal needs, with regular, low fat or gluten free options that are full of flavour, exotic, unique and will have your taste buds screaming for more.

Cooking classes are available for those culinary artists out there looking to expand their use of fresh herbs, cooking oils, and creativity in the kitchen. These cutting-edge classes offer Chef Marcello’s secrets to his creations with an evening of laughing, eating, and sharing your passion for cooking. “Food is essential for the body, but good food nourishes the soul. Our approach is to bring people to the table with intimate cooking classes, share product knowledge and encourage them that good food can be made at home.” 

Cooking classes are held every Monday night at 7pm (holiday weekends will be rescheduled to Tuesday’s). September offered a Mexican focus; October brought out some Spanish delight; and November brings a taste of Italy. For information on the cooking class schedule, catering options, boutique delicacies and much more please visit

Scorpion has been eloquently titled to perfection. This hip, sleek, modern ‘boutique’ is full of flavour to feast both your eyes and taste buds. When you enter this fine outlet you will be pleasantly greeted with exotic aromas, based on one of Chef Marcello’s latest creations.

“If you want to die for a second and go to heaven, try Marcello’s masterpiece soups!”

On this particular day, I had the opportunity to sample Chef Marcello’s wife Nancy’s homemade Argentinas Beef Empanadas. Nancy hand crafted each empanada with perfection offering both the traditional pastry filled with beef, onion, a touch of cumin and fennel and the non-traditional chicken, spinach and feta. Definitely on my new favourites list!

Chef Marcello’s menu items for the day were internationally inspired offering Spanish Paella, which is a signature rice dish influenced with chorizos, seafood, chicken and saffron. The second menu option was a New York Striploin crusted with peppercorns stuffed with porcini mushrooms, prosciutto and provolone cheese served with potato rosti, roasted yellow zucchini, poblano peppers with a red wine reduction. The striploin was like a taste of heaven seared to perfection with just the right amount of peppercorns. The stuffing was a superb surprise with the combination of delicious flavours. Let’s just say my mouth was happy!

Dessert was a chef’s masterpiece! Marcello prepared a chocolate cheesecake caramel with raspberry coulis and fresh strawberries dusted with icing sugar and finished with a decorative fig and pomegranate seeds. Cheesecake is an all time favourite and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. The beautiful presentation offered an excellent start to this delicious dessert, which didn’t last long on the plate